We can create Picture Frames of various styles and materials that are most suitable to your needs and budget.

Here are some examples of what we frame:

  • Oil paintings
  • Pastels
  • Watercolors
  • Charcoal works
  • Acrylics
  • All kinds of original artworks
  • Jersey’s
  • Cross-stitch
  • Embroideries
  • Photographs
  • Prints
  • Posters

Custom Picture Frames

We offer a wide range of custom frames which can definitely enhance the beauty and sentimental value to whatever it is you want framed, be it a photograph or a piece of art. Did you know that framing a special piece of art or memorabilia could actually help to preserve it and keep it in beautiful condition for future generations? I t’s true. We can help you keep your treasures looking their best for years to come. Custom framing can also help bridge the gap that may exist between a favourite piece of art or item and the style throughout the rest of your home. Let us help you protect those important mementos for years to come with beautiful customized frames.

Picture Frame Cleaning & Repair

Good quality picture frames are an investment and do require occasional cleaning and care in order to look their best and remain in good condition for years to come. A custom picture framer should be consulted concerning the repair and internal cleaning of your picture framing package. Any buckling of the artwork can be addressed when it is inspected by a Professional Picture Framer. The corners or joints may need regluing if they have been stressed by hanging, or the hanger and wire mechanism may need replacement. For a minimal cost, we can inspect and repair a good quality picture frame to help lengthen the life of it for further enjoyment of the artwork.

Picture Frame Glass

It is common to assume that the clear material you look through to admire artwork in a custom picture frame is always glass. But there are alternatives to glass, and so the general term used for this material is actually picture ‘glazing.’ There is no one material perfect for every condition, and they all have their respective pros and cons. We’ll recommend the most suitable material to be used based on the type of artwork you have.

Picture Installation and Art Hanging

Creating and hanging art groupings or clusters allows your individuality to shine through. It’s a great way to showcase your family photos, memorabilia, awards, collectibles, prints and paintings. We can help you with the planning, installation and hanging of your art. Here are some of the things we take into consideration to achieve the perfect installation for our customers.

  • Display Collections Together
  • Build Up and Out
  • Consider the Rest of the Room
  • Beware of Clearance

So before you start pounding nails into the wall, it’s important to take some time to plan your grouping.